Hello World

We have a permanent studio space available in de Bonte Zwaan!
This is what we have to offer:

× 1 spot available from 1 FEB — until endless
× 64 qm² shared (each of us has ~10m² working space plus the rest is shared storage and leisure space)
× ideal for screen/desk related practice (although we are open for all kind of other practices and influence)
× ideal for small scale studio photography
× shared fast internet / network A3 printer / sound thingy
× communal kitchen and restrooms (seperate space / cleaned weekly)
× white cube floating on the IJ
× jetty (steiger) with a view on the harbour, ideal for breaks, meetings and a swim
× in de Houthavens, around the corner of Spaarndammerstraat / Westerpark

≈ rent € ~160,— incl. tax and internet p. spot / p. month (temporary or permanent)
≈ deposit € 350,—

Karoline Swiezynski (33) and Roosje Levano (29) are sharing a studio space at de Bonte Zwaan. Roosje is going abroad for 3 months and we are looking for someone who would like to use her spot in the meantime. PLUS another desk is permanently available from February. We are both graphic designers with different specialties, at the studio we work mainly desk-related. We are open for new influences, so don′t be shy!

Karoline′s work: looklooklook.org
Roosje′s work: roosje-levano.com
About the Bonte Zwaan studio building: Bonte Zwaan

If you like what you see and it suits your conditions, drop us a line or call 06 225 60 218 (ENG/NL/DE).

Roosje & Karoline

+ + + V I D E O on Insta + + + P I C S here + + +

both spots on the left are available

view from Roosjes spot (temporary)   permantent spot on the right

storage   coffie corner   hangout couch

Outside of the studio: Bonte Zwaan

bye bye, tschüss, ciao, doei, ...